X10DR® ("Extender") Secure Wireless Microphone is the world's leading mission critical, encrypted, ultra long range, wireless remote speaker microphone and mobile radio solution that liberates your mobile radio. Join the thousands of mission critical, public safety, government, corporate organizations and other teams around the world who are today unleashing the power of their mobile radio with patented X10DR® technology.

X10DR® empowers multiple team members to securely communicate with your single mobile radio, via an encrypted wireless remote speaker microphone up to hundreds of meters (300 Meters+ / 1000 Feet+) from your vehicle. Your team can either communicate over the radio network or alternatively keep the team's communication off the network, with X10DR®'s advanced talkaround, 'local mode' functionality. X10DR® is a mobile radio communication solution that delivers true 'out of vehicle' team communication and worker safety.

X10DR® is fully compatible with almost every major mobile radio produced by Motorola, Tait, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex Standard, Simoco, Sepura, Cassidian, Harris, GME, Teletronic and RELM / King. 

X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone will revolutionize the way you use your mobile radio, forever. It's Time To Get Liberated!™

X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone is fully compatible with all professional, commercial and government vehicle and desktop mobile radios, including conventional, trunked, analog and digital mobile radio. X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone also works seamlessly with analog, digital, UHF, VHF, P25, DMR, dPMR, NXDN and Tetra radio communication protocols. X10DR® provides a cost effective vehicular repeater system alternative, including UHF and VHF vehicle repeaters. 


The X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone is available at authorised Wireless Pacific™ distributors world-wide - click here to find your local distributor.




X10DR Full Brochure

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Mission Critical / Police

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Emergency Services

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Electrical Authority & High Altitude

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Utility (Gas, Water, Telephone)

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Mining & Construction

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X10DR Accessories

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Service Aids

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Service Aids

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X10DR Specifications Sheet

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X10DR Now Available

for LTE PTT Smart Phones!


X10DR LTE - Smart Phone Power Microphone

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X10DR LTE - Smart Phone Hirose Adaptor

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X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone interface cables are currently available for the following professional mobile radios:


X10DR® Interface Cable Mobile Radio Model

XMC-XTL suits:

Motorola APX4500, Motorola APX6500, Motorola APX7500, Motorola XTL5000, Motorola XTL2500, Motorola XTL1500

XMC-M16 suits:

Motorola CDM750, Motorola CDM1250, Motorola CDM1550, Motorola PM400, Motorola CM300, Motorola GM300, Motorola GM360, Motorola MCX

XMC-M16T suits:

Motorola TETRA MTM800

XMC-M26 suits:

Motorola XPR4300, Motorola XPR4350, Motorola XPR4380, Motorola XPR4500, Motorola XPR4550, Motorola XPR4580, Motorola XPR5350, Motorola XPR5550, Motorola XPR8300, Motorola DM3400, Motorola DM3600, Motorola DM3601, Motorola DM4600, Motorola DM4601, MotoTRBO mobile radios

XMC-M26T suits: 

Motorola MTM5400, Motorola MTM5200, Motorola MTM5500

XMC-K25 suits:

Kenwood NX700, Kenwood NX800, Kenwood NX900, Kenwood TK5710, Kenwood TK5810, Kenwood TK5720, Kenwood TK5820, Kenwood TK8180, Kenwood TK7180, Kenwood TK8189, Kenwood TK7189

XMC-K25A suits:

Kenwood TK690, Kenwood TK790, Kenwood TK890

XMC-K15 suits:

Kenwood TK7160, Kenwood TK8160 with 15 pin molex connector, Kenwood KCT-39, Kenwood KCT-19

XMC-K15D suits:

Kenwood NX720, Kenwood NX820, Kenwood TK8360, Kenwood TK7360

XMC-T15 suits:

Tait TM8000, Tait TM8100, Tait TM8200, Tait TM9000, Tait TM9100, Tait TM9200, Tait TM9300, Tait TM9400

XMC-i15 suits:

Icom radios with HDB15 with OPC-1939, Icom IC-F5011, Icom IC-F6011, Icom IC-F5021, Icom IC-F6021, Icom IC-F5121D

XMC-i25 suits:

Icom IC-F5061, Icom IC-F9511

XHC-HXG suits:

Harris XGT, Harris M7200, Harris M7300

XHC-H37 suits:

Harris M7100, Harris Orion

XMC-V15 suits:

Vertex Standard EVX-5300, Vetex Standard EVX-5400, Vertex Standard VX-2100, Vertex Standard VX-2200, Vertex Standard VX-4100, Vertex Standard VX-4200, Vertex Standard VX-4500, Vertex Standard VX-4600

XMC-V25 suits:

Vertex Standard VX5500, Vertex Standard VX6000

XMC-SRM suits:

Simoco SRM9000

XMC-SRG suits: 

Simoco SRG3900

XMC-T26 suits: 

Teletronic MDT400

XMC-C26 suits:

Cassiadian / Airbus TMR880i

XMC-R15 suits:

RELM / King GMH, RELM / King DMH

XMC-R25 suits:

RELM / King KNG-M150, RELM / King KNG-M400, RELM / King KNG-M500, RELM / King KNG-M800

XMC-G25 suits: 

GME CM1039




*Subject to environmental factors and conditions, please speak with your two way radio dealer or systems integrator for more information. X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone, Liberate Your Mobile Radio™, Time to Get Liberated™, Secure Wireless Communication via Your Mobile Radio™ are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Wireless Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All words, photographs, images and marketing materials (brochures, diagrams etc) remain the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of Wireless Corporation Ltd unless otherwise attritubed. All rights reserved. Unauthorised use is strictly prohibited. The X10DR microphone may be similar in description to a Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone, Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone, Mobile Radio Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone, 2.4Ghz Mobile Radio Remote Speaker Microphone, 802.15 Two Way Wireless Radio Microphone, Bluetooth Vehicle Wireless Mobile Radio Remote Speaker Microphone, Car Two Way Radio Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone, Shoulder Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone for Mobile Vehicle Car Two Way Radio, Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone for Mobile Two Way Radio, Wireless Shoulder Microphone, Short Range Wireless Microphone for Mobile Two Way Radio. X10DR, extender, xtender, mobile radio wireless microphone, vehicular repeater alternative, UHF vehicle repeater alternative, VHF vehicular repeater alternative.